Consent and Content Access Management Library

Developed by Bowhead and Open-Sourced (view Github) At Bowhead Health, user privacy is paramount. That's where CLAM (Consent and Content Access Management Library) shines. It's not just a library; it's the foundation for secure, user-controlled health data on the blockchain.

Built for Developers, Focused on User Control:

  • Seamless Integration: CLAM simplifies integrating consent and access management into healthcare apps, using familiar blockchain and IPFS concepts.

  • Decentralized Consent: Forget centralized control. CLAM offers anonymous, immutable consent management on the blockchain. Users can easily grant or revoke access at any time, with automatic updates across the network.

Empowering Users with Smart Contracts:

  • Granular Access Control: CLAM leverages smart contracts to define exactly who can see what data. Users decide who gets access (doctors, researchers, etc.) and under what conditions.

  • Unbreakable Encryption: Data remains encrypted and accessible only to the owner and authorized parties.

CLAM isn't just a tool; it's the core of Bowhead's vision. It fosters a secure, transparent healthcare ecosystem where users own their data and control its flow. This empowers a new era of digital health built on user trust and empowerment.

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